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College staff visit Norway

Nunavut Arctic College is an active member of the UArctic Verdde Thematic Network since 2004. This past June, there was a Verdde meeting where partners from Sami University College, Nunavut Arctic College, University of Alaska Fairbanks and Memorial University (Labrador Institute) met in Katuokeino, Norway to discuss tangible ways to increase knowledge transfer and resource sharing between the institutions.

Eric Corneau, Louise Flaherty, Andrea Burry, and Amanda Kilabuk represented the College at the meetings.

UArctic Thematic Networks form a natural framework for development of UArctic education and research providing an optimal structure for increasing the knowledge generation and sharing across the North. 

Verdde, in particular, focuses on connecting indigenous circumpolar students and teachers and strengthening the collaboration between different indigenous groups.  There are currently 5 Arctic institutions that are members of the Verdde Thematic Network:

  • Sami University College, Kautokeino Norway
  • Nunavut Arctic College, Nunavut, Canada
  • University of Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska USA
  • North-Eastern Federal University, Russia
  • Arctic State Institute of Arts and Culture, Russia


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