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August15: Piqqusilirivvik 2015 Application Deadline (Clyde River)

Apply Now! The deadline for applications to the Piqqusilirivvik 2015 Summer/Fall Program is this August 15, 2015! 

Piqqusilirivvik is Nunavut’s Inuit Cultural Learning Centre located in Clyde River. We are dedicated to the transfer of Inuit traditional culture, knowledge, lifestyle, skills, and values, taught in the Inuit language and based on Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit guiding principles.

Learn through these courses and more during the Winter 2015 Program

  • World history, including Inuit history
  • Survival Skills
  • Inuit Traditional Moral Law
  • Introduction to Human Rights and Indigenous Rights
  • Sewing
  • Home making
  • Tool making
  • Inuit traditional relationships to land, animals and material culture
  • Hunting Skills
  • Inuit traditional child upbringing, family gathering and food sharing
  • Skin preparation and clothing
  • Visiting Elders

Click here to download an information form, or visit your Nunavut Arctic College Community Learning Centre, or call us at 867 924 6044!


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