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Annual Christmas Ornament Sale at Nunatta Campus

The annual Jewellery and Metalwork Program Holiday Ornament Sale is just around the corner! Next Friday, Dec 6th students from the Nuanvut Arctic College’s Jewellery & Metalwork Program will be selling hand-made Christmas Ornaments. Get there early, because doors open at 5pm and these beautiful ornaments are sure to go quickly!

“I’m making an ukpik, an Inuk woman’s face with traditional tattoos, a muskoxen with a Santa’s hat, and a woman in an amautik.”

Barbara Akoak – first year student

“I like what I’m making because they are going to people who buy them, or get them as gifts, and it will shine up their Christmas tree. I’m making a bowhead whalke, killer whale, snowgoose, and ring seal ornaments.

Temela Pitsiulak – first year student

The ornament-making section of the students course is a 2-week long endeavor, that is amongst the favorite times of the year. Students gain studio experience in production, as well as hands-on business experience preparing for a craft show, and selling their work. The whole crew looks forward to this sale with much enthusiasm! See you there!

WHEN: December 6, 2013 at 5:00 p.m.
WHERE: Nunatta Campus Main Lobby

For more information, contact: Beata Hejnowicz 979-7267


Jewellery and Metalwork Program

The Nunavut Arctic College Jewellery and Metalwork program enables students to develop their knowledge and skills of jewellery and metalwork production in a professional studio atmosphere. To this end the program stresses high standards of craftship and creativity, all the time encouraging and exposing students to a wide range of materials, techniques and concepts.

This program is designed to allow the individual student to specialize in an area of study of particular interest. There is an emphasis on creative thinking and problem-solving throughout the program. The first year of the program provides an environment for the students to acquire the necessary skills that will enable them to translate their ideas into two and three-dimensional jewellery and metalwork. This first year includes courses in: Drawing and Design, Inuit and Jewellery History Lapidary and also Business and Communications.

The studio courses are designed to promote confidence with the technical skills acquired in the first year, introducing new metalsmithing techniques and to encourage creativity and the emergence of a personal style. There is an emphasis on portfolio presentation and marketing. Successful completion of the diploma program will prepare the graduate to develop a career as a self-employed jeweller/metalsmith whose work can be sold through northern and southern galleries or commercial outlets.

For more information, click here.

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