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Nunavut fur fashion designers compete in Milan contest

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I am pleased to announce that two fur designers from Nunavut recently competed in the REMIX 2010 International Student Design Competition in Milan, Italy.

The MIFUR International Fur and Leather Exhibition, which hosts the REMIX competition, was held March 3 to 6. The Department of Environment is proud to have supported these local designers as they showcased their creations at this prestigious event.

The designers, Karliin Aariak and Meeka Kilabuk, are graduates of Nunavut Arctic College’s Fur Production and Design program. They have participated in events, such as the North American Fur and Fashion Exposition, the Montreal Fashion and Design Festival, and Canada’s Northern House at the Vancouver Olympics where they had a solo fashion display.

Karliin and Meeka have received both praise and recognition for their innovative work in sealskin and fur design. Both were top finishers in a national competition that qualified them to compete at REMIX. Meeka finished among the top eight at REMIX, which is the highest finish for an aboriginal designer and for a sealskin garment in the seven-year history of the competition.


Our designers promoted Nunavut’s fur and garment products by presenting their own high-end designs and conveying the cultural significance behind their work to the international audience attending this event. This venue provided us with another opportunity to bring attention to the sealing sector and its importance to Nunavut.

As you are all aware, the last year has been a difficult one for Nunavutmiut and their sealing tradition. We must continue to celebrate our hunters, seamstresses, and all Nunavutmiut who rely on sealing and the fur through high profile successes such as this. It is the faces of Nunavut that will help tell the world the story of our sealing tradition.

We are very proud of Karliin and Meeka and congratulate them on their achievement.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.


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