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A Summer of Arctic Research: Iqaluit Lab Technology with Shan Leung

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Join us this week as we meet some of the many youth researchers working and learning as members on the many research projects that take place all across Nunavut every summer. In our second profile, we meet biology student Shan Leung who's working in Iqaluit this summer with the Nunavut Research Institute.

Shan Leung is working with the Nunavut Research Institute as a lab technician.Meet Shan Leung: Lab Technician at the Nunavut Research Institute

Shan Leung grew up and lives in Ottawa, where he is in the process of completing an honours bachelor’s degree in biology at the University of Ottawa.

He is pleased to be spending the summer in Iqaluit working with the prestigious Nunavut Research Institute (NRI) Science Campus.

As a lab technician, he has the opportunity to interface with numerous researchers across many fields, receiving invaluable experience in northern and arctic science.

Furthermore, he appreciates the chance to develop the NRI capacities for further research, building and implementing new systems and protocols.

Welcome to the Nunavut Research Institute and Nunavut Arctic College, Shan!

From bird banding and laboratory technology, to mapping, traditional knowledge and environmental science, summer research seasons in Nunavut are filled with opportunities for students from a variety of fields and levels to combine learning outside the classroom with the adventures of a lifetime.







The Nunavut Research Institute

The Nunavut Research Institute’s mandate is to develop, facilitate, and promote scientific research as a resource for the well being of people in Nunavut.

The core objectives of the Institute are to:

  • Coordinate the research licensing process under the Nunavut Scientists Act
  • Support the meaningful involvement of Nunavut residents in scientific research, including advancing the incorporation of Inuit Qaujimanituqangit in research design
  • Promote the development and application of new technology to improve the quality of life of Nunavummiut
  • Help broker research projects and partnerships that meet the needs of Nunavut residents
  • Provide a clearing house of information on scientific research conducted in Nunavut
  • Organize, facilitate, and promote research training and outreach programs designed to enhance awareness and build local research capacity in Nunavut

For more information on the Nunavut Research Institute, visit their web site at:

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