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Nursing students build skills with kids

On October 28,2014, the Year 3 nursing students at Nunavut Arctic College welcomed several guests to their learning lab. 

Leia Rose (6 months), Sloane (8 months), Calvin (8), and Declan (10), along with their parents, came to the lab as ‘standardized patients’ to allow the students to practice their nursing skills. 

The students were able to measure vital signs, evaluate normal growth and development, and practice providing health teaching and support to parents and children.  These experiences are an important part of nursing education, not just for skill development but for building confidence and learning how to communicate with patients and work as a team.   The students report that they enjoyed the experience, and gained some worthwhile skills they can use in their future clinical placements. 

Just like in real life, the children became tired and less cooperative as time went on, which the students handled like true professionals.

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