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Nunavut Teacher Education Program Students Study Medicinal Plants

Kaviq Kaluraq, sitting in front, with the students she took to the park. Kaviq Kaluraq, sitting in front, with the students she took to the park.

This week, Kaviq Kaluraq, NTEP Instructor, took students to Sylvia Grinnell Park outside of Iqaluit for a field trip. This was part of her ESCI 205 course. The focus of the trip was to study Inuit traditional knowledge about medicinal plants.

Inuit culture survived independent of modern medicine for hundreds of years. Traditionally, families and camps included individuals who were knowledgeable about the healing properties of plants and how to prepare them. The land was not only a source of food and clothing for Inuit; it was, also, a place to find medicine and the ingredients needed to heal the body.

Aalasi Joamie is recognized in the Arctic for her vast knowledge of plants and their traditional uses. We are fortunate that she was willing to share her knowledge with us, so that new generations of Inuit can begin learning about the traditional wats of health and healing that kept Inuit strong and healthy for generations.


Aalasi Joamie explains the use of a plant to some of the students.


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