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Youth with the 795 Iqaluit Royal Canadian Air Cadets visited the Nunatta Campus computer lab recently.

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In collaboration with Hamilton based Juch-Tech Inc., and thanks to a donated space segment from SES, we have been successful in deploying high speed Internet services being used by Nunavut Arctic College. This initiative is being piloted by the Nunavut Research Institute in order to improve connectivity for students and researchers using the facility in Iqaluit, Nunavut.

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From bird banding and laboratory technology, to mapping, traditional knowledge and environmental science, summer research seasons in Nunavut are filled with opportunities for students from a variety of fields and levels to combine learning outside the classroom with the adventures of a lifetime.

Join us this week as we meet some of the many youth researchers working and learning as members on the many research projects that take place all across Nunavut every summer. Today we meet the students of the Arviat Wellness Media Team.

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ARVIAT, NUNAVUT (July 11, 2013) - Inuit youth in Arviat are participating in an innovative new community-based project that will help children, youth and their families.

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Nanisiniq Arviat History Project Youth Curtis Konek and Jordan Konek as they continue to document traditional Inuit knowledge in their hometown of Arviat, Nunavut while encouraging local youth to take an interest in film, media and digital skills development. 

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Program planning for next year is continuing unabated in Education Programs at Nunavut Arctic College.

In this current year, we made efforts to include new initiatives as it pertained to course delivery. It is important that we continually seek ways and means to address the realities of geography and the cultural dynamic that is reflective of this large land.

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What happens when Inuit youth and their Elders combine traditional knowledge with new technologies? The shortest and best answer is "A whole lot of fun!"

This week, the Nanisiniq: Arviat History Project team started work converting and editing footage for their documentary film on Arviat history. In this latest video, our young Inuit researchers laughed it up with Arviat Elder Silas Illungiayuk, introducing him to the hilarious and wonderful experience of making funny faces with iPhoto.

Follow their new media adventures at:


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Fifty First Nation and Inuit youth from across Canada will gather in Iqaluit this week to take part in the 2011 National Aboriginal Science and Technology Camp, where they will learn about science, traditional knowledge, cultural awareness and more.

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