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Youth were back to class at the Arviat Community Learning Centre this month.

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Students in the Inuit Studies and Interpreter Translator programs recently completed their Research Methods course. The students research topic was, Qanngualuk Mystery.

Arviat goes to ReSDA

Arviat Research and Media projects were presented at the Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic annual workshop at the Frobisher Inn from Oct. 8-10 in Iqaluit. Social Sciences researchers came from across Canada, the United States and the circumpolar world to participate.

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On August 7, 2013, summer students working with the Arviat Youth Wellness Media Team received some special gifts from Sony Canada while taking part in a photography workshop with professional photographers and authors Louise Abbott and Niels Jensen.

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In collaboration with Hamilton based Juch-Tech Inc., and thanks to a donated space segment from SES, we have been successful in deploying high speed Internet services being used by Nunavut Arctic College. This initiative is being piloted by the Nunavut Research Institute in order to improve connectivity for students and researchers using the facility in Iqaluit, Nunavut.

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From bird banding and laboratory technology, to mapping, traditional knowledge and environmental science, summer research seasons in Nunavut are filled with opportunities for students from a variety of fields and levels to apply their learning outside the classroom. Join us as we meet some of the many youth and students working and learning as members of the many research projects that take place all across Nunavut this year. Today we meet Environmental Technology student Steven Lonsdale!

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Nanisiniq Arviat History Project Youth Curtis Konek and Jordan Konek as they continue to document traditional Inuit knowledge in their hometown of Arviat, Nunavut while encouraging local youth to take an interest in film, media and digital skills development. 

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Ottawa, Ontario (November 1, 2012) -- Canadian Polar Commission Chairperson Bernard Funston today announced the transfer of responsibility for the Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) and the Northern Science Award from Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Canada to the Canadian Polar Commission.

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Inventors Wanted!

If You’re Ready to Take Your Invention to the Next Level, We Can Help.

Do you have a unique invention? Have you found a genius solution to an everyday problem? If so, inventions guru Doug Hall wants to help.

One of the world’s leading inventors and founder of the innovation incubator Eureka! Ranch, Doug has developed 18 products found in the average North American home. Now he’s hitting the road on a new TV series, searching for inventions that are diamonds in the rough. His aim? To transform each one into the next amazing household product. To learn more about Doug Hall and Eureka! Ranch, visit and

W Network’s “Backyard Inventors” showcases the undiscovered talent, energy and raw passion of Canadian inventors who have yet to unleash their unique ideas on the world. In each episode, Doug Hall meets with a handful of inventors in their backyards, garages and basement workshops before choosing one inventor to take through his acclaimed Eureka! Ranch process.  Selected inventors receive a personal invitation to the Eureka! Ranch satellite office in Toronto, where they will refine, market test and position their creation. Then, Doug will introduce them to an industry leader with the clout to buy or invest in their invention… and change their world forever.

Organizers of the 18th Inuit Studies Conference, entitled "Arctic/Inuit/Connections: Learning from the Top of the World," announce a call for abstracts. The conference is organized by the Arctic Studies Center at the Smithsonian Institution, and will be held 24-28 October 2012 in Washington, D.C.

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