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Third-year Nunavut Teacher Education program (NTEP) students at Nunatta Campus, Iqaluit are completing their study of EMATH 215: Theory and Practice of Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary Schools.

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Thank You, Neil Christopher!

Neil Christopher has been a Nunavut Teacher Education Program (NTEP) Instructor at Nunatta Campus, Iqaluit for a decade. However, in the next few weeks he will be leaving that position.

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Whitehorse - Adult Educators and literacy practitioners from across Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon departed the first ever Northern Adult Basic Education (NABE) Symposium today feeling inspired, encouraged, and reflecting on what they heard.

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Nakasuk School, Iqaluit, has developed a strong relationship with Nunavut Arctic College.

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Memorial University Visits NTEP

Memorial University of Newfoundland is in the process of designing and developing a Teacher Education Program in partnership with the Nunatsiavut Government in Labrador.

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Congratulations to Nunavut Teacher Education Program students Elizabeth Ryan (Year 4 / NTEP / Iqaluit) and Connie Curley (Year 2 / NTEP / Hall Beach). These students have been chosen as this year's recipients of an IODE Shirley Cheshire Memorial Scholarship. Each of these scholarships is in the amount of $ 2500.

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 Join us in a public presentation by Holly Steenkamp at Nunavut Research Institute on Understanding Carving Stone and Mineral Potential on Southern Baffin Island Through Geoscience Mapping:

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NTEP and Literacy

The Education Programs division, Nunavut Arctic College, has been focusing on various literacy initiatives and enhancements as part of our instructional processes in the Nunavut Teacher Education Program (NTEP). This falls in line and is supportive of recent literacy proclamations by the Hon. Paul Quassa, Minister of Education / Minister Responsible for Nunavut Arctic College.

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Blood Pressure Blitz at Nunatta Campus

The Nursing Program at Nunatta campus, Iqaluit, held a “Blood Pressure Blitz” today as part of a training exercise.

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Kitikmeot visits NTEP

The Education Programs division of Nunavut Arctic College has a positive working relationship with Kitikmeot School Operations. The KSO administers all schools in the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut.

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