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2016/17 Apprenticeship Oil Burner Mechanic

About the Program

The Apprenticeship Oil Burner Mechanic Program is an Inter-provincial (Red Seal) designated trade that offers technical training typically completed over 3 years. Included are 1,560 hours of on-the-job training and 8 weeks of theory (240 hours) per year for each of the 3 levels.

This Apprenticeship program’s academic and technical training ensures students are able to apply theoretical knowledge to practical application as a Certified Journeyperson Oil Burner Mechanic. Students train with a variety of tools, techniques and materials in well-equipped shops. Trade-specific Math and Science form part of the curriculum.

Length of Program

3 years


Sanatuliqsarvik Trades Training Centre

Admission Requirements

The Apprenticeship Oil Burner Mechanic Technical Training is only available to registered apprentices and placement into the program is made through a Regional Apprenticeship Officer or local Career Development Officer.

Successful completion of the Level 4 Trades Entrance Exam is required those entering this trade. For greater success, it is recommended that individuals complete English 30-2, Math 30-3, and Physics 30, Chemistry 30, or Science 30. Minimally, students should have completed English 20-2, Math 20-3, and Science 10.

For individuals who do not meet the above criteria and are not registered as an Apprentice, NAC offers Trades Access and Pre–Apprenticeship programs to help prepare students for admission to Apprenticeship programs.

Application Deadline

Contact a Regional Apprenticeship Officer or local Career Development Officer.

Record of Achievement

Journeyperson Oil Burner Mechanic Certification, Nunavut Arctic College

Credit Transfer Opportunities

Transferable credits are limited and are subject to regulatory requirements established to meet Apprenticeships and Interprovincial standards.

Employment Opportunities

Major employers are typically with the Territorial and local Governments. Additionally, the private sector is a very active employer, providing housing services to various government agencies and to homeowners of Nunavut.

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