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2016/17 Apprenticeship Carpenter

About the Program

The goal of apprenticeship is to develop a competent journeyperson through a combination of on-the-job experience and technical training.

The Apprenticeship Carpenter program provides four levels of technical training toward the Journeyman Certificate Program. Apprentices will progress in their learning to construct, erect and repair structures and fixtures made of wood or wood substances. This is done in accordance with the local building codes. Carpenters build, assemble, place and dismantle concrete forms; fit and install doors, door frames, window frames and staircases; and apply exterior and interior finish with wood or wood substances. Apprentices learn to read blueprints, do layout work and calculate quantities of materials.

This program is based on the Alberta Carpenter Apprenticeship Course Outline. Apprentices must complete 7200 hours of technical and on-the-job training (approximately 1800 hours per year which includes 240 hours credit while attending technical training) to receive certification.

Length of Program

4 years


Sanatuliqsarvik Trades Training Centre

Admission Requirements

The Apprenticeship Carpenter Technical Training is only available to registered apprentices and placement into the program is made through a Regional Apprenticeship Officer or local Career Development Officer.

For greater success, it is recommended that individuals complete English 30-2, Math 30-3, and Physics 30, Chemistry 30, or Science 30, and Related Career and Technology courses. Minimally, students should have completed English 20-2, Math 20-3, and Science 10.

For individuals who do not meet the above criteria and are not registered as an Apprentice, NAC offers Trades Access and Pre¬-Apprenticeship programs to help students prepare for admission to Apprenticeship programs.

Application Deadline

  • Carpenter Level 1: January 3, 2017
  • Carpenter Level 4: October 4, 2016

Record of Achievement

Journeyperson Certificate, Carpenter, Nunavut Arctic College

Credit Transfer Opportunities

Not applicable

Employment Opportunities

Students will have a wide range of employment opportunities in the trades available to them in both the public and private sectors. Experienced Carpentry journeyperson may also work as supervisors or own their own contracting businesses. The Department of Education works closely with private businesses and Government sectors that are employers of apprentices who seek training. The housing, mining and construction industry throughout Nunavut will provide significant opportunities.

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