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Maureen Dickson

Maureen Dickson


Title: Instructor, Computer Systems Technician Program


Salary: $94,010 to $106,685  per annum, 37.5 hour/week


Department: Nunavut Arctic College


Northern Allowance: $15, 016 per annum


Community: Iqaluit


Union Status: Nunavut Employees Union

Reference Number: 041-070717-CST-4735


Housing: Subsidized Staff Housing is Available

Type of Employment: Two Year Term





Closing date:   July 7, 2017@ 12:00AM EST




This employment opportunity is open to all applicants.


The Computer Systems Technician Program at Nunavut Arctic College, in partnership with the Department of Community and Government Services, provides Nunavummiut with the skills knowledge and expertise in the Information Technology field. Graduating students of the 2 year Program receive a Computer Systems Technician Diploma.


Reporting to the Director, Health and Wellness Programs, the Instructor for the Computer Systems Technician Program will be responsible for delivering lessons, preparing audiovisual support materials and assigning and assessing coursework. The Instructor will regularly tutor and counsel students and will continually provide opportunities for student evaluation of course content and evaluation of student progress. The incumbent will develop and revise course content and ensure that content is relevant and current to the changes in the field of computer systems. The instructor will also ensure that the hardware used for the program is maintained properly and that the College is using current hardware and software technologies.


Title: CasualPublic Affairs Officer-Casual


Salary: $43.74/hour, 37.5 hour/week


Department: Nunavut Arctic College


Northern Allowance: $7.70/hour, 37.5 hour week


Community: Iqaluit


Union Status: Nunavut Employees Union

Reference Number: 041-PAO-2017


Housing: Subsidized Staff Housing is not Available

Type of Employment: Casual

position ending September 2017




Closing date: open until filled


 Casual employment is for local residents only.


Nunavut Arctic College is eager to hire a Public Affairs Officer on a casual employment staffing action until September 2017 in Iqaluit, NU. Reporting to the Manager, Policy and Planning, the incumbent will be responsible for the development, implementation and management of College communications, public relations, promotions and marketing activities. These duties involve the operation of the College website, newsletter, routine press releases, information packages and promotional materials designed to inform the public about College programs and services. The Public Affairs Officer will work with the Board of Governors and the President’s Office to coordinate the communication of strategic objectives and corporate issues. This position has a direct impact on all staff, students and the public and will involve both internal and external communications. These duties will include developing and implementing a marketing strategy and managing and assisting College staff with the dissemination of information to ensure accurate and concise flow of information to the public


Manager of Finance

Published in Career and Employment Opportunities


Title: Manager of Finance


Salary: $93,951 to $106,626 per annum for 37.5 hour/week


Department: Nunavut Arctic College


Northern Allowance: $21,113 per annum


Community: Arviat


Union Status: Nunavut Employees Union

Reference Number: 051-161216-MFIN-6612


Housing: Subsidized Staff Housing is Available

Type of Employment: Term ending July 2018




Closing date:   open until filled



As per HRM Directive 518, this employment opportunity is restricted to Government of Nunavut employees only.



Reporting to the CFO/Bursar of Nunavut Arctic College, the Manager of Finance is responsible for managing and coordinating the corporate accounting and financial functions of Nunavut Arctic College. The Manager assists in the development, implementation and monitoring of financial services in accordance with the Financial Administration Act, Financial Administration Manual, Public Colleges Act, Generally Accepted Accounting/Auditing Principles and related policies, procedures, directives and regulations, in order to safeguard and control the assets of the College.



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