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Office Administration students share Christmas spirit with community elders

Office Administration students share Christmas spirit with community elders Mora Kablalik

Nunavut Arctic College students shared their time and cooking skills to deliver delicious country food meals to community elders last month.

The office administration students at Rankin Inlet’s Kivalliq Hall were taking part in their Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition course and were looking for a unique project they could do for their portfolios.

With Christmas just a month away, the students cooked traditional country food dinners and delivered them to several elders in Rankin Inlet.

Inuit as a people have a long-standing code of behaviour based on time-honored values and practices. These values were communicated to younger Inuit at a very early age through stories, songs, direct modeling of behaviour and legends that spoke of the success associated with remembering them.

Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit is traditional Inuit Knowledge.

In preparing the meals, and delivering them to the community’s elders, the students demonstrated two very important Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ) principles:

Pijitsirarniq: Concept of serving
The concept of serving is central to the Inuit style of leadership as is the measure of the maturity and wisdom of an Inuk. Key here is the understanding that each person has a contribution to make and is a valued contributor to his or her community.

Piliriqatigiingniq: Concept of Collaborative Relationship or Working Together for a Common Purpose
The concept of developing collaborative relationships and working together for a common purpose. The essential Inuit belief that stresses the importance of the group over the individual should pervade all our teaching.

Words of advice have often come from our elders who learned these values from their elders before them. Arctic College is committed to following these principles in our efforts to make our College, and the programs and services we offer more responsive to the people we serve.

We would like to thank our students for preparing such wonderful meals and helping to care for our elders. Qujannamiikmarialuk!

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