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Nunatta Campus celebrates graduation day in Iqaluit

Nunatta Campus celebrates graduation day in Iqaluit Jason Carpenter

Nunatta Campus celebrated graduation day with their families, friends and community in Iqaluit last week.

Graduation Day, the biggest event of the academic year was held at 2:00, May 17th, 2012 at the College’s Ukkivik Residence in iqaluit.

The ceremony began with the lighting of a traditional qulliq and an opening prayer from Iqaluit Elder Kopa Koochiajuke. The graduates were escorted into the hall by performers from Nunavut Sivuniksavut.

In her opening speech, Master of Ceremonies, Campus Dean Peesee Stephens welcomed the students, their families and friends to the highlight of the year. She introduced Nunavut Premier Eva Aariak to address the graduates.

Premier Aariak welcomed and the congratulated graduates on their success. She emphasized the value and importance a college and university education.

“With the skills and knowledge gained from post-secondary education, you, our graduates, will be key contributors to the future of our great territory.”

The Premier also commended the students on their strength in coping with the the tragic Creekside Village fire earlier this year.

“The way you pulled together to support one another has been truly inspiring,” the Premier said. “All of you have surmounted obstacles and have made remarkable sacrifices to be sitting where you are today. You should all be very proud.”

Graduating students also received congratulations and encouragement from the College’s Board of Directors.

“Learning how to survive and survive well has always been a life-long education taking years of study and experience,” said Board Chair, Mr. Frank Pearce on behalf of the Board of Governors. “These skills are as vitally important today as they were in the past.”

“So as you graduate today, remember who you are. Remember where you came from and where you are going,” he said. “Continue to set your goals high, because today, you have proven to yourselves, and all of us, that you can achieve those goals.”

Arctic College President Mike Shouldice also congratulated the importance of a strong education.

“A good education gives you choices and opportunities to take advantage of all of the exciting things this world has to offer,” he said. “You will be able to provide for your family and guide your children with strength. You will be able to give your time and effort to others and to your community to continue to make it a safer healthier place.”

“This is an accomplishment you will remember for all of your life,” said Shouldice.

Congratulations to our Nunatta Campus Graduates of 2012 in Iqaluit!



  • Attagutaluk, David - Iqaluit
  • Inootiq, Jeannie - Iqaluit
  • Kopalie, Geteonie - Iqaluit
  • Qammaniq, Nancy - Iqaluit


College Foundations

  • Alexander, Katherine – Resolute Bay
  • Aoudla-Henrie, Emily-Ann - Iqaluit
  • Glugosh, Taylor – Rankin Inlet
  • Gordon, Mishael - Iqaluit
  • Itorcheak, Alookie - Iqaluit
  • Lewis, Amy - Iqaluit
  • Vera, Benjamin - Iqaluit

Environmental Technology

  • Angoyuak, Sileema - Iqaluit
  • Giles, Nowdluc - Iqaluit
  • Inirq, Ted – Iqaluit
  • Kaludjak, Daniel – Rankin Inlet
  • Monteith, Joseph - Iqaluit
  • Pottle, Kerry - Iqaluit
  • Qavvik, Daniel - Sanikiluaq
  • Shouldice, Atuat – Rankin Inlet
  • Schwandt, Randy – Iqaluit

Fur Production and Design

  • Akpalialuk, Susie - Pangnirtung
  • Arnatsiaq, Melissa - Igloolik
  • Ijjangaq, Christina - Igloolik
  • Natsiq, Mary - Pangnirtung
  • Netser, Mona – Coral Harbour
  • Pearson, Kitty - Kuujjuaq
  • Pudlat, Margaret – Coral Harbour
  • Sammortok, Melodie – Rankin Inlet
  • Ussak, Eualie - Iqaluit

Jewellery and Metalwork

  • Van Heuvelen, Lavinia - Iqaluit

Language and Culture (Interpreter Translator)

  • Battye, Mina - Pangnirtung
  • Merkosak, Janet - Iqaluit
  • Novalinga, Caroline - Sanikiluaq
  • Papatsie, Sarah - Iqaluit

Language and Culture (Inuit Studies)

  • Dialla, Lena - Pangnirtung
  • Idlout, Kathy – Resolute Bay
  • Muckpaloo, Tina – Arctic Bay
  • Temela, Nala - Kimmirut

Office Administration

  • Kilabuk, Aksayuk - Pangnirtung
  • Koonark, Yvonne - Iqaluit
  • Naulaq, Mary - Iqaluit
  • Pijamini, Mary – Grise Fiord

Trades Access

  • Alainga, Frank - Iqaluit
  • Alainga, Quaraq - Iqaluit
  • Aningmiuq, Markosie - Qikiqtarjuaq
  • Innualuk, Mike -Iqaluit
  • Iqaluk, Joadamie – Resolute Bay
  • Kopalie, Louis - Iqaluit
  • Kusugak, Wayne – Rankin Inlet
  • Lyta, Noah - Kimmirut
  • Pillaktuaq, Alamie - Iqaluit
  • Quassa, Lynn - Igloolik


Environmental Technology

  • Akikulu, Matthew – Arctic Bay
  • Angnaluak, Sammy - Kugluktuk
  • Karpik, Emily - Pangnirtung
  • Kilabuk, Daniel - Pangnirtung
  • Peter, Lucassie - Iqaluit
  • Peyton, Patricia - Pangnirtung
  • Williamson, Tom - Iqaluit
  • Wilson, Christine - Iqaluit


  • Akpalialuk, Marie Jo - Pangnirtung
  • Arreak, Kailey - Iqaluit
  • Flaherty, Andrea - Iqaluit
  • Ford, Alison – Rankin Inlet

Jewellery and Metalwork

  • Itulu, Elizabeth - Kimmirut
  • Nauyavik, Ahmie - Pangnirtung
  • Niviaqsi, Tapaugai – Cape Dorset

Language and Culture (Inuit Studies)

  • Ekidlak, Christine - Sanikiluaq
  • Emikotailak, Veronica - Sanikiluaq
  • Keenainak, Nabeela - Pangnirtung
  • Kigutak, Sarah – Grise Fiord
  • Temela, Eyuka - Kimmirut
  • Tikivik, Kooyoo – Kimmirut
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