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I have been homesick a lot of times here in Peru, times when I just feel like quitting and going home because I miss my family and friends. But what keeps me going is how I notice myself one more time stronger when I challenge myself.

Yesterday, we were climbing a mountain here in Palca, Peru and a lot of times we felt like quitting because the mountain kept getting higher and higher as we were going up. But what kept us going is our teamwork and hope to reach the top.

We made it to the top and I felt like a million dollars because it was beautiful up there and more importantly even when our supervisors felt like quitting we kept going and supported each other.

I´m getting used to living a life like a Peruvian, many Peruvians have been surviving here in the mountains. When me and my counterparts were talking we realized how these people are probably used to having no toilet seats, and we Canadians didn't like the fact that there is no toilet seats, so me and my room mates bought a seat.

The food here is so different and there are times we feel like throwing our food outside before our host parents see us, because sometimes we're grossed out. Now I know how tough white people are when they try traditional Inuit food. But all of us still try the food and the drinks and we´re getting used to it.

I realized how blessed we are, the Inuit and all the Canadians. Yes, there are people that don´t have food sometimes, yes there are people that have no houses, yes we don´t have transportation. But when you come here, your eyes start to open and see how much we have in Canada.

When we were working, one of the girls said ¨they should just get motors to crop these things¨ but they do it with there hands and feet and I envy them because these people work tirelessly and have very little, yet have smiles on their faces and I´m glad to live with the family I´m living with and am prepared to make more brick stoves and fridges. We are in the process of making the bricks and one extra brick we make the better it is.


Jordan Konek is a young Inuk researcher with the Nanisiniq Arviat History Project. He's currently volunteering in Peru and blogging about his experiences meeting and learning from other indigenous cultures. Follow his adventures at

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