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A message from the Arctic College Board of Governors Featured

The “December 2011 Update” reveals many achievements of the College and the extensive involvement of students and staff in territorial, national and international affairs over the past few months. The list of activities is both extensive and very impressive.

The Board of Governors wishes to highly commend the efforts of all staff and students who have worked hard over the past year towards both their collective and individual achievements and successes.

In particular, the Board, on behalf of the entire College, wishes to recognize the posthumous appointment of Jose Kusugak to the Order of Nunavut, and further, to extend congratulations to his family. Jose Kusugak was our past Chairperson and as such was an inspiring leader. He was instrumental in helping to guide us to where we are today.

The Board would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone in the College sincere and cordial Christmas greetings and the very best wishes for a successful and joyful New Year.

- Mr. Frank Pearce
on behalf of the Arctic College Board of Governors

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