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Celebrating Nunavut’s newest teachers, nurses and fur fashion designers Featured

Nunavut Arctic College Teacher Education Students celebrated their graduation day in Iqaluit. Nunavut Arctic College Teacher Education Students celebrated their graduation day in Iqaluit. Roger Belanger

Nunavut Arctic College’s Fur Production and Design, Teacher Education and Arctic Nursing students celebrated graduation with their summer convocation ceremony at the Navigator Inn Thursday, June 10, 2010.

Nunatta Campus Dean Peesee Stephens served as Master of Ceremonies, introducing Iqaluit Elder Akuliqsiq Nowdlak to perform the ceremonial lighting of the qulliq and opening prayer. Graduates and attendees were then treated to a cultural performance by throat-singers Andrea and Larissa Flaherty.

Iqaluit Elder Akuliqsiq Nowdlak lights the qulliq, a traditional oil lamp made of stone, to celebrate the graduation of this year’s Fur Production and Design, Nunavut Teacher Education and Bachelor of Science in Arctic Nursing students. Photograph by Roger Belanger.

Graduates and attendees to this June’s Nunatta Campus graduation were treated to a cultural performance by throat-singers Andrea and Larissa Flaherty. Photograph by Roger Belanger.

Dr. Heather Ryan, Associate Dean with the University of Regina’s Faculty of Education welcomed Teacher Education students into this year’s family of graduating students. She told graduates that getting their education opens many doors, and encouraged them to continue their studies.

Nunavut Teacher Education Program Principal Ooloota Maatiusi (left) joins Dr. Heather Ryan, Associate Dean with the University of Regina’s Faculty of Education (right) to present NTEP graduate Reesie Churchill of Clyde River with her Bachelor of Education from the University of Regina. Congratulations, Reesie! Photo courtesy of Roger Belanger.

Valedictorians commend classmates

2010 Nunavut Nursing valedictorian Nancy Zurheide says "It is very true that a journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step."

Congratulations to the Bachelor of Science in Arctic Nursing graduates of 2010! Photograph courtesy of Pam Seitz.

Welcoming the crowd in Inuktitut, Nursing graduate Nancy Zurheide spoke on behalf of the Arctic College Nursing graduates of 2010. “Today is a day to be thankful for and to be inspired,” she said. “It is very difficult to use words to convey the degree of inspiration, encouragement and love that many of you here today have given to us over the last four years.”

“We have had quite a journey together,” she said. “Always remember your achievements girls, and remember it with pride. For the past four years, you each have set goals and met each challenge with enough courage and determination to overcome the obstacles you have encountered -- and some of you more than others. Each of you has earned this moment to shine.”

“Sometimes in this lifetime, it is worth it to take that leap of faith. For now I see that Iqaluit opened my eyes to a new me. And I truly am a different person today than that uncertain woman who stepped off that plane in June 2004. Exactly six years to the day after moving here, I sat at NAC writing my Canadian Registered Nursing Exam. I feel grateful in my heart knowing that this is where I’m supposed to be right now, at this very moment in my life. I look forward to many more years giving back to the community that has given so very much to me.”

Nancy encouraged her fellow graduates. “Today marks the beginning of a new chapter of our lives outside of Nunavut Arctic College and as members of the nursing profession. I encourage each of you to face the future with hope and faith in your abilities. May the very same passion that triggered you to apply for this nursing program radiate through you as you leave this College and embark on your new careers.”

Valedictorians Nancy Zurheide (Nursing) and Layli Joamie (NTEP) commended their fellow graduates on completing their degrees at this June’s Nunatta Campus graduation. Photograph by Roger Belanger.

2010 Nunavut Teacher Education Program valedictorian Layli Joamie says taking NTEP has been a great journey.

Nunavut Teacher Education Program graduate Layli Joamie of Pond Inlet spoke about the support the students received from staff, their families and friends.

“We would like to thank our spouses, families and friends for their unconditional love and support.” She said. “For all of us, there were times when we needed help to carry on. Our family and friends were always there to help us in those moments with encouragement, helpful suggestions and reminding us never to give up.”

“I met you four years ago. We didn’t even know each other’s names,” she said. “And now I feel like we’re family. We’ve gone through so much together … good times and hard times. We were always there for each other. I’ll always cherish that. I’m so glad to have met you and even more pleased to have made it all the way through together. Taking NTEP has been a great journey.”

Quoting former South African President Nelson Mandela, Layli told her fellow graduates “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." And to sum up their special day, in her own special way, she chose the following quote from children’s author Dr. Seuss:

“Congratulations, Today is your day. You’re off to great places, you’re off and away.’ Qujannamik.”

Congratulations to the Nunavut Arctic College Bachelor of Education graduates of 2010! Photo: Roger Belanger.

Congratulations to the Nunavut Arctic College Bachelor of Education graduates of 2010! Photo: Roger Belanger.

Minister of Education commends graduates in Legislative Assembly

In a Minister’s Statement to the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut two days earlier, the Honourable Louis Tapardjuk, Minister of Education informed the House that between 1981 and 2009, there have been 180 Bachelor of Education graduates from the NTEP program. ”I cannot stress how crucial Inuit teachers are to our schools and the success of our students,” he said. “I encourage all students considering post-secondary education to think about NTEP and the benefits of leading through teaching.”

Be a Teacher! Be a Nurse!

The Nunavut Teacher Education Program (NTEP), in partnership with the University of Regina, offers campus and community based programs that prepare Nunavumiut to become classroom teachers in Nunavut schools. The emphasis is on training primary and elementary teachers, but it is possible that students, if they choose to, could practice in middle or high schools in a language or cultural position.

The Arctic Nursing Program, developed collaboratively between Nunavut Arctic College and Dalhousie University, is a four year program that focuses on nursing in Nunavut. The degree is conferred by Dalhousie University. The program is designed to prepare graduates as entry-level practitioners to work in a variety of settings, to include: hospitals, long term care facilities and community based agencies.



Fur Production and Design

  • Rosie Audlakiak, Qikiqtarjuaq
  • Elizabeth Awa, Igloollik
  • Stella Awa, Igloolik
  • Lorna Ell, Coral Harbour
  • Penena Mosesee, Pangnirtung

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Arctic Nursing) from Dalhousie University

  • Amanda Hatch, Iqaluit
  • Ericka Mitchell, Iqaluit
  • Parniga Thibaudeau, Iqaluit
  • Harriet White, Iqaluit
  • Nancy Zurheide, Iqaluit

Iqaluit Nunavut Teacher Education Degree graduates – University of Regina

  • Reesie Churchill, Clyde River
  • Layli Joami, Pond Inlet
  • Leeveena Nuyalia, Iqaluit
  • Maggie Putulik, Chesterfield Inlet
  • Anisa Suno, Pond Inlet

Kugaaruk Nunavut Teacher Education Degree graduates – University of Regina

Nunavut Teacher Education Program students in Kugaaruk were also recognized for completing their Bachelor of Education degrees. The College would like to congratulate the following Kugaaruk NTEP graduates.

  • Maureen Angutingungniq
  • Lutgard Angutingunirk
  • Sandra Angutingunirk
  • Jesse Apsaktaun
  • Jeannie Illuitok
  • Christine Immingark
  • Lucy Immingark
  • Margaret Inaksajak
  • Mary Karlik
  • George Ningark


Nunavut Nursing Program

Community Involvement and Client Advocacy Award

Community Involvement and Client Advocacy Award is awarded to a graduating nursing student who has demonstrated involvement in the community and acting as an advocate for clients. This award is sponsored by the Nunavut Employees Union and was awarded to Harriet White.

Nunavut Teacher Education Program (NTEP) Awards

Arnaitok Ipeelie Award

Arnaitok Ipeelie Award was presented to Maggie Putulik. This award, sponsored by Qikiqtani School Operations is presented to a student with the highest proficiency in the Inuit language.

Rebecca Idlout Memorial Award

The Rebecca Idlout Memorial Award, sponsored by the Nunavut Teachers Association, is presented to the graduating NTEP student with the highest academic average. This year’s award was presented to Layli Joamie of Pond Inlet.

NTEP Leadership Award

The NTEP Leadership Award is presented to a Bachelor of Education student for displaying leadership skills. Sponsored by Arctic Ventures, this year’s award was presented to graduate Leeveena Nuyalia.

NTEP Best Practicum Award

The NTEP Practicum Award, sponsored Arctic Ventures, was presented to Aniisa Suno for the highest academic standing in the practicum portion of the program.

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