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New Online Training for Community Radio Operators in Nunavut

E-learning in Nunavut takes another step forward this fall, as Nunavut Arctic College and its partners launch the latest online program—a unique, made-in-Nunavut course designed to support the volunteers who staff, govern, and program community radio stations across Nunavut. It will cover the fundamentals of broadcast law, production, distribution, and governance for a community station – and without a single flipchart, binder or classroom.

The new course builds on the achievements of the Municipal Government Program. “We have had a lot of success in the last couple of years with the revolutionary online version of our Municipal Government Program (MGP),” said Jason Brown, Director Customized Training Division at the Kivalliq Campus of Nunavut Arctic College. “This is a great opportunity to take what we've learned about e-learning and open up a whole new area of online education based here in Nunavut.”

The new course is offered by Nunavut Arctic College in partnership with the Municipal Training Organization (MTO). Matthew Ayres, Executive Director of the MTO, says that Mayors and Senior Administration Officers (SAOs) identified the need for a training program that focused on the proper use of local community radio. The MTO launched a public awareness campaign with radio ads, television commercials, pamphlets and fliers earlier this year. Now the focus shifts from the public to the radio operators themselves.

"In Nunavut, community radio is one of the first and best sources of community news, gossip, coming events, and local music. A good station is a focal point for the whole hamlet,", says Ron Mongeau; SAO of Pangnirtung and President of the MTO. "Until now, volunteers have had to pick up the skills on their own. Now they're going to have a permanent, online resource to help them out."

Like other NAC E-learning programs, the Community Radio course will use a combination of text, external links, quizzes, podcasts, case studies, and digital images in its instruction. Unlike many courses, however, this course will be completely self-paced, allowing learners to complete the program at their own speed over a six month period.

“The folks who produce community radio and run the societies in Nunavut are almost all volunteers," says Brown. "We decided it was time to support these volunteers in a practical, interesting way This course will let learners set their own speed and schedule their own training sessions. The learning group can keep in touch with each other through the online course forum, but everyone is working to their own, personal learning schedule."

A special introductory module covering Broadcast Law and Elections will be launched in September 2013, with the full course scheduled to come online in October. Michelle Turpin, a member of the Aarluk Consulting team preparing and delivering the course, says the new offering will be unique.

“We're working with experienced Nunavut community broadcasters, and with radio training instructors who've worked around the world,” said Turpin. “This will be an incredibly rich course: I don't think there's been anything quite like it before.”

Funding for the project was provided by Municipal Training Organization, Nunavut Arctic College, and the Department of Culture and Heritage. Municipal Training Organization (MTO) is a non-profit society formed as a partnership between the Nunavut Association of Municipal Administrators (NAMA) and the Government of Nunavut Department of Community and Government Services.


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