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Nunavut Fisheries Training Consortium and Arctic College support growing Nunavut fisheries sector

First established in 2004, collaboration between Nunavut Arctic College and the Nunavut Fisheries Training Consortium has grown into a very strong, productive and vital partnership.

Together, they have delivered hundreds of training courses from the basic Pre-Sea Trawler to the more advanced Bridgewatch, Watchkeeping Mate and maritime training programs. Mr. Speaker, these programs have been designed to meet the needs of the offshore fishing industry in the Northern Atlantic, the inshore fishing needs at the community level, and our fish processing plants located throughout Nunavut. 

Mr. Speaker, 12 students have successfully completed maritime training programs with both sealift companies, and eight of those trained have held positions with the sealift companies for the entire season. 

Mr. Speaker, there were also several graduates who were designated as alternates, and three of them were employed for part of the season.

Mr. Speaker, this was a highly successful initiative; one that created five months of full time employment, and the expectation is that these employees will be employed again next season.

The number of Nunavut beneficiaries who fish on a regular basis has steadily increased over the years, to the point where now there are approximately fifty individuals engaged regularly. This will continue to have a profound impact on Nunavut’s economy, both from an individual and corporate perspective.

Mr. Speaker, both NFTC and Arctic College have partnered, with others, to participate in the purchase of a training simulator. This simulator will be used to train Inuit beneficiaries in all aspects of bridge operations on a marine vessel. Arctic College is providing the space required for this classroom.  The simulator will allow introductory students to get the feel of the bridge and help explore their interest in the operations of a marine vessel, including fishing and cargo ships.

Mr. Speaker, Nunavut Arctic College is proud to be a partner in this initiative and we look forward to working together to continue training for fishing and sealift vessels, as well as for future opportunities as our economy continues to grow.


The above statement was delivered in the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut by the Hon. Daniel Shewchuk, Minister Responsible for Nunavut Arctic College on March 5, 2013.

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