2011 and counting

I know its way past January 1 and New Year Resolution time…but bear with me.  OK?  Like one of my eci831 classmates, Shelley Wright,  I am not much into making resolutions however she wrote something on her blog that stuck in my mind:

“This post was originally going to be titled resolutions, but since I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions, that was out.  Instead, I tend to set goals.  Like the pirate’s code, they’re more like guidelines.    Actually, what prompted me to start thinking about this was a question on the PLP Facebook page.  “What is your one word for 2011?”  Change? Fight? Fearless?  I’ve been thinking about this awhile, and the word that I’ve come up with is revolution.  And I am excited.

Regardless if you’re a resolution person, or not, the bottom-line, I think, at this time of year, is how will this year be different than last? What will you do? Will you take the path less travelled? As Nickelback stated,”That first step you take is the longest stride.”

With Shelley’s words echoing in my mind I picked my word!  Cooperation.

Definition: co·op·er·a·tion  koh-op-uh-rey-shuhn] –noun

1.       an act or instance of working or acting together for a common purpose or benefit; joint action.

Cooperation requires that we connect with others after all its hard to act together when you are only 1!  So we need to first connect with others in order to cooperate.  Since this blog is all about how to become a more connected college that leads me to share another interesting blog post by a guy named Stephen Downes.

He wrote about how to become a more connected person. I highly recommend this article to anyone wanting to develop their connectivity skills. Click on the link to read the full article, “The Seven Habits of Highly Connected People”. Stephen suggests that the seven habits are:

1. Be reactive

2. Go with the Flow

3.  Connection comes first

4.  Share

5.  Read the Fine Manual

6.  Cooperate

7.  Be yourself

All great habits to develop but the two that really have stuck in my mind since I read this article in the fall are:

to make connecting a priority—such an important habit to cultivate in our widely dispersed work place and so easy to lose sight of when bombarded by the multiple tasks that we face each day.  Pays off in dividends however when we make connecting a priority.

and to read the fine manual.  As I have tried to add this habit to my work day I have surprised myself at how easy it is to solve many technology problems.  Still got lots to learn but am growing more confident day by day in my own technology skills.

So, what is your one word for 2011?  and what will it lead you to?

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